Title: The Great American T-Shirt Racket Artist: Envy On The Coast 340 plays

"this song is about to write love on her arms.

i remember ryan said a couple years ago he couldn’t stand twloha because of how fake it is, and all it really does is cash in and spread its name while accomplishing nothing, really.

i think the most powerful part is: “you made an emblem out of “the broken” “the kind of broken” the “i wish i was broken.” this is so true about everyone i know who supports twloha. it’s coming from the people who truly are fucked up, people with some problems (but problems that pretty much everyone goes through), and the people who really aren’t suffering at all.

everyone needs to realize twloha is a sham. many people wear it simply to be like “yeah, i cut, and i’m depressed.” congratulations. you’ve got a trendy t-shirt to match your scars that you got just for the attention.”

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    14. The Great American T-Shirt Racket - Envy On The Coast
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    dude when i finally realized what that song was about i felt like such a cunt for wearing a twloha shirt to two of their...
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    OH MY GOD. I had no idea.
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    this sounds like slade… is this anarbor
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    YES! I feel exactly the same way! Kids wear the shirts because it’s a trendy cause, not because of the actual cause in...
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    i couldn’t agree more with this song. i hate To Write Love On Her Arms. i hate its mockery, its sham purpose, its...
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    now I have a t-shirt to go with my scarsssss
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    The Great American T-Shirt Racket | Envy On The Coast
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    This. I still don’t understand why one would think that capitalizing depression was a good idea.
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    Everything about this, I love it.
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